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New Castle County, Delaware



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sarah  Abt 1686New Castle County, Delaware I574102 Richard Remme 
2 Baldwin, Francis  Abt 1710New Castle County, Delaware I431271 Richard Remme 
3 Chambers, Amy  4 May 1787New Castle County, Delaware I434290 Richard Remme 
4 Chambers, J. Howard  31 Jan 1858New Castle County, Delaware I433921 Richard Remme 
5 Chambers, Joseph  25 Mar 1745New Castle County, Delaware I427477 Richard Remme 
6 Chambers, Martha  1 Dec 1736New Castle County, Delaware I446714 Richard Remme 
7 Chambers, Phebe T.  29 Sep 1859New Castle County, Delaware I433922 Richard Remme 
8 Chambers, Samuel  3-8 Mar 1742New Castle County, Delaware I446716 Richard Remme 
9 Chandler, Franklin E.  18 Sep 1864New Castle County, Delaware I493449 Richard Remme 
10 Chandler, George  29 Jul 1793New Castle County, Delaware I491454 Richard Remme 
11 Chandler, Harlan  18 Jan 1805New Castle County, Delaware I491460 Richard Remme 
12 Chandler, Haynes  27 Oct 1821New Castle County, Delaware I427391 Richard Remme 
13 Chandler, Jehu  2 Aug 1807New Castle County, Delaware I491461 Richard Remme 
14 Chandler, John  30 Nov 1803New Castle County, Delaware I491459 Richard Remme 
15 Chandler, Jonathan  11 Nov 1794New Castle County, Delaware I491455 Richard Remme 
16 Chandler, Levi J.  29 Aug 1798New Castle County, Delaware I491457 Richard Remme 
17 Chandler, Lydia  28 Jan 1802New Castle County, Delaware I491452 Richard Remme 
18 Chandler, Mary  8 Jan 1800New Castle County, Delaware I491458 Richard Remme 
19 Chandler, Sarah  24 Jul 1764New Castle County, Delaware I431315 Richard Remme 
20 Chandler, Sarah  5 Sep 1796New Castle County, Delaware I491456 Richard Remme 
21 Cooke, Elizabeth  Abt 1668New Castle County, Delaware I335730 Richard Remme 
22 Cox, Catherine  Abt 1732New Castle County, Delaware I583960 Richard Remme 
23 Cox, Thomas  Abt 1694New Castle County, Delaware I430267 Richard Remme 
24 Cox, William C.  11 Dec 1692New Castle County, Delaware I430238 Richard Remme 
25 Crowley, Joanna  Abt 1705New Castle County, Delaware I426287 Richard Remme 
26 Dixon, Joseph  2 Dec 1719New Castle County, Delaware I583907 Richard Remme 
27 Dixon, Thomas  1709New Castle County, Delaware I311905 Richard Remme 
28 Eastburn, Washington  16 Apr 1838New Castle County, Delaware I434112 Richard Remme 
29 Gould, Beaulah  Jul 1787New Castle County, Delaware I432917 Richard Remme 
30 Graves, John  1 Aug 1827New Castle County, Delaware I501787 Richard Remme 
31 Gregg, Amy  Abt 1700New Castle County, Delaware I342210 Richard Remme 
32 Gregg, Hannah  Abt 1715New Castle County, Delaware I325968 Richard Remme 
33 Gregg, Hannah  Abt 1715New Castle County, Delaware I440750 Richard Remme 
34 Gregg, Joseph  5 Oct 1710New Castle County, Delaware I588353 Richard Remme 
35 Gregg, Samuel  5 Oct 1710New Castle County, Delaware I440751 Richard Remme 
36 Gregg, Thomas  1701New Castle County, Delaware I588681 Richard Remme 
37 Hackney, Joseph  25 Mar 1743New Castle County, Delaware I431276 Richard Remme 
38 Hadley, Deborah  8-29 Feb 1747New Castle County, Delaware I580363 Richard Remme 
39 Hadley, Jeremiah  2-7 Mar 1741New Castle County, Delaware I583706 Richard Remme 
40 Hadley, Joseph  5 Dec 1745New Castle County, Delaware I581907 Richard Remme 
41 Hadley, Mary  30 Mar 1739New Castle County, Delaware I586215 Richard Remme 
42 Hadley, Mary  12 Jul 1759New Castle County, Delaware I577695 Richard Remme 
43 Harlan, Thomas  4 Nov 1825New Castle County, Delaware I432918 Richard Remme 
44 Heald, Elizabeth  9 Oct 1694New Castle County, Delaware I431790 Richard Remme 
45 Heald, Joseph  10 Jan 1810New Castle County, Delaware I430964 Richard Remme 
46 Heald, Mary Ann  14 Aug 1807New Castle County, Delaware I430963 Richard Remme 
47 Heald, Orpha  4 Dec 1817New Castle County, Delaware I430967 Richard Remme 
48 Hollingsworth, Enoch  Abt 1702New Castle County, Delaware I426285 Richard Remme 
49 Hollingsworth, James  1714New Castle County, Delaware I427349 Richard Remme 
50 Hollingsworth, Jehu  2 Nov 1756New Castle County, Delaware I426537 Richard Remme 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sarah  Abt 1743New Castle County, Delaware I574102 Richard Remme 
2 Calvert, Margaret  1 Aug 1687New Castle County, Delaware I426304 Richard Remme 
3 Chambers, Joseph  8 Oct 1804New Castle County, Delaware I427477 Richard Remme 
4 Chandler, Jehu  10 Jan 1842New Castle County, Delaware I431313 Richard Remme 
5 Cox, William  Bef 18 May 1743New Castle County, Delaware I430259 Richard Remme 
6 Dixon, Henry  Abt 1710New Castle County, Delaware I583726 Richard Remme 
7 Eastburn, Joseph  17 Sep 1882New Castle County, Delaware I434111 Richard Remme 
8 Greave, Samuel Jr.  6 Sep 1746New Castle County, Delaware I340559 Richard Remme 
9 Gregg, Anne  1729New Castle County, Delaware I311916 Richard Remme 
10 Gregg, John  1738New Castle County, Delaware I335383 Richard Remme 
11 Gregg, Samuel  10 Sep 1767New Castle County, Delaware I440751 Richard Remme 
12 Gregg, William  6-10 Jan 1745New Castle County, Delaware I328668 Richard Remme 
13 Hackney, Joseph  18 May 1744New Castle County, Delaware I431270 Richard Remme 
14 Hadley, Joseph  Aft 1755New Castle County, Delaware I342109 Richard Remme 
15 Hadley, Simon II  May 1756New Castle County, Delaware I311788 Richard Remme 
16 Hollingsworth, James  5 Mar 1763New Castle County, Delaware I427349 Richard Remme 
17 Mendenhall, Hannah  14 Dec 1864New Castle County, Delaware I430958 Richard Remme 
18 Miller, Ruth  1-18 Sep 1750New Castle County, Delaware I311846 Richard Remme 
19 Pennock, Ann  16 Feb 1843New Castle County, Delaware I433953 Richard Remme 
20 Pennock, Lewis  23 Feb 1879New Castle County, Delaware I430997 Richard Remme 
21 Robinson, Joseph  1754New Castle County, Delaware I432805 Richard Remme 
22 Rowland, Mary  Abt 1733New Castle County, Delaware I342220 Richard Remme 
23 Thompson, Amy  1 Mar 1806New Castle County, Delaware I427468 Richard Remme 
24 Thompson, James  Abt 1783New Castle County, Delaware I426513 Richard Remme 
25 Underwood, Benjamin  Dec 1759New Castle County, Delaware I52701 Richard Remme 
26 Wells, Elizabeth  20 Aug 1863New Castle County, Delaware I578335 Richard Remme 
27 Wollaston, Sarah  12 Feb 1879New Castle County, Delaware I433970 Richard Remme 
28 Yarnall, Elizabeth  Abt Jun 1792New Castle County, Delaware I434682 Richard Remme 
29 Yarnall, Esther  Jan 1809New Castle County, Delaware I434683 Richard Remme 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mendenhall, Joseph  New Castle County, Delaware I577097 Richard Remme 

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gregg, William II  1 Sep 1687New Castle County, Delaware I311917 Richard Remme 
2 Harlan, Caleb  29 Oct 1820New Castle County, Delaware I432932 Richard Remme 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   25 Mar 1689New Castle County, Delaware F254089 Richard Remme 
2 /   4 Dec 1729New Castle County, Delaware F253010 Richard Remme 
3 /   Sep 1746New Castle County, Delaware F200984 Richard Remme 
4 /   10 Aug 1818New Castle County, Delaware F201775 Richard Remme 
5 Chandler / Walker  24 Dec 1863New Castle County, Delaware F222396 Richard Remme 
6 Dixon / Gregg  1690New Castle County, Delaware F150954 Richard Remme 
7 Gregg / Kankey  29 Sep 1725New Castle County, Delaware F157798 Richard Remme 
8 Harlan / Ray  3-7 Jan 1712New Castle County, Delaware F198710 Richard Remme 
9 Hollingsworth / Heald  2 May 1713New Castle County, Delaware F199317 Richard Remme 
10 Hoopes / Dick  20 Aug 1800New Castle County, Delaware F202633 Richard Remme 
11 Mendenhall / Pritchett  18 Dec 1787New Castle County, Delaware F254792 Richard Remme 
12 Mendenhall / Woodward  10 Aug 1818New Castle County, Delaware F254601 Richard Remme 
13 Pierson / Dixon  25 Mar 1689New Castle County, Delaware F257681 Richard Remme 
14 Robinson / Gregg  1742New Castle County, Delaware F157780 Richard Remme 
15 Robinson / Gregg  1742New Castle County, Delaware F204005 Richard Remme 

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