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Bell County, Texas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arthur, John M.  1865Bell County, Texas I443859 Richard Remme 
2 Arthur, Sarah  1862Bell County, Texas I443858 Richard Remme 
3 Biles, Earl Lee  21 Aug 1925Bell County, Texas I443566 Richard Remme 
4 Biles, Melvin  24 Aug 1913Bell County, Texas I443562 Richard Remme 
5 Carmack, Effie Lin  Jan 1880Bell County, Texas I443864 Richard Remme 
6 Carmack, Mary E.  Feb 1889Bell County, Texas I443865 Richard Remme 
7 Carmack, Sam T.  1879Bell County, Texas I443863 Richard Remme 
8 Carmack, Victoria B.  Feb 1870Bell County, Texas I443861 Richard Remme 
9 Carmack, William R.  1876Bell County, Texas I443862 Richard Remme 
10 Cox, Andrew Hampton  18 Aug 1856Bell County, Texas I443442 Richard Remme 
11 Cox, Bertha Mae  21 Nov 1882Bell County, Texas I443871 Richard Remme 
12 Cox, Bettie Cathren  30 Jun 1902Bell County, Texas I443465 Richard Remme 
13 Cox, Bruce Meadow  4 Nov 1901Bell County, Texas I443415 Richard Remme 
14 Cox, Carlos  28 Aug 1899Bell County, Texas I443886 Richard Remme 
15 Cox, Churchill Riley  10 Jul 1895Bell County, Texas I443877 Richard Remme 
16 Cox, Clara Beatrice  17 Dec 1891Bell County, Texas I443461 Richard Remme 
17 Cox, Cora Jane  2 Dec 1886Bell County, Texas I443459 Richard Remme 
18 Cox, Cynthia Ann  10 Jan 1885Bell County, Texas I443872 Richard Remme 
19 Cox, Dora Viola  24 Dec 1884Bell County, Texas I443458 Richard Remme 
20 Cox, Doyle Dean  28 Dec 1901Bell County, Texas I443887 Richard Remme 
21 Cox, Ettie Overa Nancy  6 Oct 1899Bell County, Texas I443464 Richard Remme 
22 Cox, Fleming Trigg  1862Bell County, Texas I443444 Richard Remme 
23 Cox, George W.  4 Jun 1897Bell County, Texas I443878 Richard Remme 
24 Cox, George Washington  1 Nov 1854Bell County, Texas I443767 Richard Remme 
25 Cox, Hannah Jane  21 Dec 1872Bell County, Texas I443449 Richard Remme 
26 Cox, Horace William  19 Aug 1898Bell County, Texas I443463 Richard Remme 
27 Cox, Hugh Martin  25 Dec 1862Bell County, Texas I443426 Richard Remme 
28 Cox, Imah Ruell  21 Dec 1898Bell County, Texas I443413 Richard Remme 
29 Cox, Jesse Daniel  26 Mar 1889Bell County, Texas I443874 Richard Remme 
30 Cox, John F. T.  19 Feb 1852Bell County, Texas I443848 Richard Remme 
31 Cox, John Henry  6 Aug 1874Bell County, Texas I443410 Richard Remme 
32 Cox, John Mackey  26 Aug 1880Bell County, Texas I443765 Richard Remme 
33 Cox, Lee Roy  29 Jan 1887Bell County, Texas I443873 Richard Remme 
34 Cox, Linda Kay  9 Oct 1947Bell County, Texas I443637 Richard Remme 
35 Cox, Martha Melinda  30 Nov 1858Bell County, Texas I443438 Richard Remme 
36 Cox, Mary  1860Bell County, Texas I443443 Richard Remme 
37 Cox, Mary Elizabeth  28 Apr 1893Bell County, Texas I443876 Richard Remme 
38 Cox, Mary Ida  23 Feb 1889Bell County, Texas I443460 Richard Remme 
39 Cox, Mary Jesse  10 Nov 1899Bell County, Texas I443414 Richard Remme 
40 Cox, Millie Cecil  25 May 1895Bell County, Texas I443796 Richard Remme 
41 Cox, Minnie Lee  1 Feb 1909Bell County, Texas I443764 Richard Remme 
42 Cox, Norma Justine  15 Aug 1860Bell County, Texas I443849 Richard Remme 
43 Cox, Oren Earnest  25 Feb 1904Bell County, Texas I443880 Richard Remme 
44 Cox, Paula  25 Jan 1878Bell County, Texas I443870 Richard Remme 
45 Cox, Rayburn Claude  5 Aug 1899Bell County, Texas I443879 Richard Remme 
46 Cox, Robert Schuler  16 Jul 1912Bell County, Texas I443808 Richard Remme 
47 Cox, Ruben Quintes  7 Sep 1904Bell County, Texas I443805 Richard Remme 
48 Cox, Samuel David  20 Dec 1864Bell County, Texas I443445 Richard Remme 
49 Cox, Sarah J.  16 Feb 1857Bell County, Texas I443428 Richard Remme 
50 Cox, Theophilus Lee  23 Sep 1906Bell County, Texas I443418 Richard Remme 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Amy  13 Apr 1855Bell County, Texas I573799 Richard Remme 
2 Baker, Amy  13 Apr 1855Bell County, Texas I573833 Richard Remme 
3 Biles, Dewey  5 May 1971Bell County, Texas I443606 Richard Remme 
4 Biles, Earl Lee  8 Jan 934Bell County, Texas I443566 Richard Remme 
5 Biles, Melvin  19 Jan 1934Bell County, Texas I443562 Richard Remme 
6 Biles, Minus  16 Dec 1969Bell County, Texas I443561 Richard Remme 
7 Bradshaw, William  10 Apr 1860Bell County, Texas I374966 Richard Remme 
8 Carmack, William C.  15 Jun 1923Bell County, Texas I443860 Richard Remme 
9 Cox, Andy Porter  18 Jun 1919Bell County, Texas I443404 Richard Remme 
10 Cox, Benjamin  Bell County, Texas I573804 Richard Remme 
11 Cox, Bettie Cathren  8 Sep 1989Bell County, Texas I443465 Richard Remme 
12 Cox, Churchill Riley  Dec 1907Bell County, Texas I443877 Richard Remme 
13 Cox, Clara Beatrice  26 Dec 1982Bell County, Texas I443461 Richard Remme 
14 Cox, Columbus Alonzo  24 Oct 1943Bell County, Texas I443447 Richard Remme 
15 Cox, Cora Jane  7 May 1976Bell County, Texas I443459 Richard Remme 
16 Cox, Cynthia  1871Bell County, Texas I574010 Richard Remme 
17 Cox, Cynthia  27 Mar 1871Bell County, Texas I443844 Richard Remme 
18 Cox, D. Stockton  22 Dec 1892Bell County, Texas I443448 Richard Remme 
19 Cox, Elizabeth  26 Jul 1883Bell County, Texas I443451 Richard Remme 
20 Cox, Fleming Trigg  19 Oct 1890Bell County, Texas I573849 Richard Remme 
21 Cox, Fleming Trigg  30 Mar 1918Bell County, Texas I443444 Richard Remme 
22 Cox, George Washington  23 Feb 1888Bell County, Texas I443427 Richard Remme 
23 Cox, George Washington  21 Jun 1942Bell County, Texas I443767 Richard Remme 
24 Cox, Hannah S.  20 Jul 1915Bell County, Texas I443846 Richard Remme 
25 Cox, J. Lemuel  3 Jul 1883Bell County, Texas I443452 Richard Remme 
26 Cox, James Henry  6 Dec 1899Bell County, Texas I443406 Richard Remme 
27 Cox, Jesse Daniel  1988Bell County, Texas I443874 Richard Remme 
28 Cox, John E.  7 Nov 1869Bell County, Texas I443446 Richard Remme 
29 Cox, John F. T.  20 Nov 1933Bell County, Texas I443848 Richard Remme 
30 Cox, John Mackey  6 Jun 1931Bell County, Texas I443765 Richard Remme 
31 Cox, John W.  18 Apr 1874Bell County, Texas I573838 Richard Remme 
32 Cox, Malinda  12 Feb 1894Bell County, Texas I602900 Richard Remme 
33 Cox, Martha Jane  18 Jul 1915Bell County, Texas I573843 Richard Remme 
34 Cox, Martha Melinda  13 Jun 1947Bell County, Texas I443438 Richard Remme 
35 Cox, Mary Angelena  3 Jan 1941Bell County, Texas I443847 Richard Remme 
36 Cox, Mary Ida  9 Mar 1979Bell County, Texas I443460 Richard Remme 
37 Cox, Mary Jesse  1989Bell County, Texas I443414 Richard Remme 
38 Cox, Michele  16 Jan 1896Bell County, Texas I573807 Richard Remme 
39 Cox, Nica Jane  10 Apr 1916Bell County, Texas I573839 Richard Remme 
40 Cox, Paula  5 Sep 1879Bell County, Texas I443870 Richard Remme 
41 Cox, Samuel Hampton  3 Mar 1918Bell County, Texas I573851 Richard Remme 
42 Cox, Sarah J.  2 Nov 1883Bell County, Texas I443428 Richard Remme 
43 Cox, Solomon Benjamin  29 Feb 1892Bell County, Texas I573837 Richard Remme 
44 Cox, William Henry  10 Feb 1942Bell County, Texas I443411 Richard Remme 
45 Cox, William Marion  26 Oct 1947Bell County, Texas I443441 Richard Remme 
46 Donoho, Elizabeth  16 Jan 1896Bell County, Texas I574008 Richard Remme 
47 Haynes, Mary Jane  22 Mar 1885Bell County, Texas I443408 Richard Remme 
48 Haynes, Mary Jane  22 Mar 1885Bell County, Texas I573812 Richard Remme 
49 Hicks, B. L.  2 Sep 1920Bell County, Texas I443437 Richard Remme 
50 Hicks, B. L.  2 Sep 1920Bell County, Texas I573841 Richard Remme 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cox / Jones  1885Bell County, Texas F205007 Richard Remme 
2 Cox / Ray  4 Jan 1920Bell County, Texas F205056 Richard Remme 
3 Middleton / Cox  22 Dec 1869Bell County, Texas F205132 Richard Remme 

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